Face painting at Bewilderwood Begins Again

 Spring 2011

Wow, a total change from Hong Kong! My second season at Bewilderwood starting….

From high rises and smog to high trees and bird song. Sadly I don’t think my wee robin pal from last year survive the winter; they are territorial and stay in their own areas, but though he used to hop round my table every day, hasn’t shown up this year 😦

April bewilderwood platform

The Boggle Builders built me a temporary platform in ‘my’ corner which is lovely, as I used to get my chair / table wibbling a lot on the woodland floor before. And they screwed in a big parasol thing as its so early in the season, the leaves aren’t out enough to shelter me from sun let alone rain! They also added 2 walls as a windbreak in May, much needed but typically the wind switched directions and is blowing IN now, ah well:) Is all fab!

April bewilderwood platform umbrella

Plus the lovely Jennie who I met when I was back briefly on holiday for HK, and taught how to do rainbow buterflies, came along to ‘learn’ Bewilderwood style face paints so she can be my cover on my days off etc.

Jenns 1st Bewilderwood day me morning teaJenns 1st Bewilderwood day  setting upCat paints bewilderwood

Me, Jenn, me. We keep confusing staff as we swap hats.

So, back to creating fast faces that fit in with Bewilderwood –

British Nature

i.e insects, plants and animals; this is my wee Finley atually allowing paint on for once.

Bww fin hand spider paint 

Lizard/ newt (of the salamander type colouring, in this case.) Fish from Mildred’s Scaaary Lake:


Rainbow frog with yellow dots, as carefully dictated. I need to work on this one a bit!

Bww Rainbow Frog cc

(must take some pics of the furry creatures I do – wolves and foxes mainly)!

Magical things: fairies – this is a fast flower fairy.

Aprl bewilderwood flower fairy cc

This is my current take on what a Twiggle (our tree-fairy types) Princess would look like. Normal Twiggles I reckon are camouflaged with leafy eyes, as we always see their beautiful Bewilderwood tree houses, but never them themselves (a bit shy of huge humans). So Twiggle royalty would be non-blingy, using gold branches and flower blossoms to create a tiara.

Jenns 1st Bewilderwood day my new twiggle princess cc

This is Emily, 1 of the Twiggle Story-tellers, as an autumn, non twirly Twiggle. I do many variations of this!

Autumn Twiggle Emily cc

Of COURSE, butterflies are a must – mainly I do a pastel rainbow version in Bewilderwoods colours as its fast and gorgeous and has just about every girls’ fave colour in it (i.e. pink), but very occasionally I’m asked/ allowed to do NON-PINK ones. Yay!

Blue butterf side cc

I also love doing ‘related abstracts’ e’g’ Mildred’s Splooshes (will find a pic!)…

…. and less-realistic Flowery stuff-this is a sort of new iris/ lily idea-

Blue iris eye 3 cc

and finally, I do characters from the books that inspired the park.

This is Snagglefang, leader of the Bewilderbats. He / they used to very naughty but they are reformed characters and now even babysit… as does Mich in this pic who is my Finley’s god-mum:)

Bewilderwood Bat face smile2 cc

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