SheRa-Zena leotard Glitter Body Tattoo

HK March 2011

I was let down by a couple of other models/ shoots that had been ‘booked’ whilst I was in Hong Kong, so my last free day before returning to the UK, I was able to get another leotard glittered for Symone instead. I was contacted by a couple of photographers after I advertised at short notice on Facebook, and they met us at Pole Paradise HK’s studios, where Symone had a gap from lunch until 5-ish between teaching.

She asked for something a bit armour-like and in reds, as she’d already a pinkish and a greenish suit I had decorated for her and wanted to be able to expand the colours/ themes she danced in them.

02n Sherazena glitter tatt cats glitter kit bpc

The leotard was a new type from a new supplier, and was not as thick/ nice fabric as her usual dance-wear. I started gluing; usually it takes 2 or 3 coats of the glue, dried between coats, for the glue to stop sinking into the fabric and actually stay tacky, ready for the glitter, on the surface of the cloth.

05 Sherazena glitter tatt glueing tummy bpc

1st problem; the glue sort of rolled off this fabric and didn’t want to sink in at all! A lot of fiddling and after a while it mostly started to work as expected.

06 Sherazena glitter tatt fanning dry bpc

2nd problem; it would NOT dry. The air con was off, to keep Symone warm, and I was fanning the glue…it took over 40 mins for the 1st coat to dry!

08 Sherazena glitter tatt glittering boob bpc

And then I ended up having to do FOUR more coats, with elongated drying times, to get the glue to work!

11 Sherazena glitter tatt stood hoop bpc

We had to give up with far less of the costume glued than I had planned, as we were running out of time (Symone had to have the pro final picture shoot before she started teaching her next dance class). Plus I was running out of glue!

Shera zena glitter tatt horsey_1bpc

Albert of had once again set up his time-lapse video equipment and was able to stay & talk this time which was lovely.

Anyway I finished glittering etc and Symone joined Kevin for her shoot.

Sherazena spaceship_2 bpc

The sword (a big, real, heavy, thing!) was what inspired the design, which Symone decided was a mixture of She-Ra and Xena warrior princess, hence the Shera-Zena title!

Symone had on the tallest heels I have ever seen too, yet still managed to do all sorts of moves and poses on pole and hoop!

This is her She-Ra pose.:)

80 Sherazena glitter tatt i have the power bpc

And this is her finished leotard collection…

Sherazena glitter tatt snake peacock leotards crop bpc

Kevin also did some funky editing to stick in different backgrounds….The AMAZING video by Albert is 

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