Birthday Girl Club Glitter Tattoos

I was contacted by Rowena, to go to her house and decorate herself and her friends with waterproof glitter tattoo designs, before they went out clubbing in Norwich to celebrate her birthday. She knew what colours and styles she wanted, so I did this swirling pink, silver and black pattern on her leg, opposite arm, chest and back.

Rowena top ed bpcSAM_3247 thigh edit bpcSAM_3249 edit bpc

The next girl I took inspiration from her animal print dress…

SAM_3255 ed bpc

Then I copied a dress’s flower motif onto another lady.

Video is here

And the final designs =- the most unusual I have done yet, I think, and something I will develop – the girl spotted a face I had done and wanted a tatt like that on her hand and leg. Very cyborg/ Charles Rennie Mac, I think… possibly even Lady Gaga?

Cyborg glitter tatt close arm ed bpc Cyborg glitter tatt arm feet 2 ed bpc

I then added to their own face makeup with some Glitzer/ Liquid bling, and swarovsky crystals.

And off they went!

A good night, it seems:)


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