Peacock Feather Glitter Tattoos on Norwich Birthday Clubbers

Leah & co who I had great fun decorating a few months ago for a night out, were back for more – for Leah’s birthday!

I did freehand peacock style feathers on Leah, font and back, arms and legs too.

Feather glitter tatt leah back done bpc

Feather glitter tatt leah front bpc 

Harriet showed me a sketch of a pheonix she had done for a friend so got my interpretation of that on her back.

Pheonix glitter tatt harriet far bpc

Cathryn had a sort of rose-like ruffle on her dress so had roses in her fave colours.

I added some Glitzer gel and swarovski crystals over their makeup bases with some colour eyshadows to match.

Seems they had another great night out and THANK YOU so much for the surprise box of chocs, Leah!


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