UK Face & Body Painting Convention Glitter Tattoo Demo

8-10 Oct 2010

I was lucky enough to be asked to be an instructor at the UK Face & Body Painting Convention. I haven’t been able to go to it since I won it in 2007, as I was either abroad or (literally) having a baby, so that was a fab extra reason to make sure I made it this year! Plus they had a bunch of international painters I admire but had never seen paint (Lone Wolfe, Kurt & April, Sean Avram etc) coming, and I’d get to see my painty mates.

Seans’ amazing self paint for the gala dinner, with Kurt’s self-paint at the jam the night before below.

Myself, Suzanne Mykolajenko (Little Book of Facepainting Fairies), Lone Wolf, April Powell.


I taught my 1st class Friday after lunch, on painting nature. Whilst trying not to spend too much time on things like flowers or animals as other classes with other painters covered them, but I got in my popular leafy face and Twilight design at any rate.

Bewilderwood day 1 leaf eyes side 2 cc

Bewild July Twighlight face wolf side cc

 Jenns 1st Bewilderwood day my new twiggle princess cc

I wasn’t going to enter the freehand glitter body tattoo comp that night, as I’d just won the Welsh Fest glitter body comp from the same sponsor, and didn’t think it would be fair if I was lucky enough to place in this one. But I did get pushed to join in, and ended up doing a wee doodle on Stacey for part of the time as the others worked.

UK FB Con leafy witchy glitter tatt stacey w bpc

Some amazing designs created, people are starting to catch onto this! Mine turned out pretty, just over her chest… even tho it started off as jewellery, morphed into an infected zombie bite then lightning then a tree….we decided it was a Pagan Priestess look:) Sadly the next day it turns out Stacey was sensitive to that glue, as she had a faint red tracing of the design, which didn’t itch. She is the 1st person I have heard of/ met that this happened with, so I’m hoping its the last too! It is professional skin glue (Pro Adhesive) I use, but as she says, she got painted daily so was scrubbed raw a lot and knows she has sensitive skin…pity as I had planned a proper glitter body on her this year, she’s a fab model!

Saturday morning I was much less nervous and really enjoyed the class I gave on painting at big events (like the Rugby 7s and all the HK events I did for YAF). This included quick bodies, sports designs, custom stencils and how to make them, and what I call ‘conveyor belt painting’ for decorating 100’s of people in a short period. I think I only painted 2 faces in the 90 mins, it was all talk and Q&A and them playing with my stencils and hot pen stencil cutter. But I already had a couple of emails thanking me for that one, so yay!

Mardi Gras glitter tatt start bpc

Then it was on to what I’m really into at the mo; glitter body tattoos. What would usually take me 2 hours to complete took over 4, as everybody stopping to watch asked what I was doing, how and what with, so lots of explaining and posing for photos. Katie my model was fab, if a bit surprised by the crowds we had.

Mardi Gras glitter tatt katie feathers side bpc

She chose blue as her colours, I added gold for contrast (and beads to fit the Mardi Gras theme of the gala dinner that night) and we tucked my gorgeous rooster tail boa into her knickers as a costume.


LOTS of interest in this, as said, and an interesting thing coming up next year from it…TBC 😉

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