Snake Arm Body Paint on Steven – the other Kung Fu twin

April 2nd 2010

I’d been flat out painting most of March and had been contacted by Andrew Dasz’s twin, Steven, to see if I could paint him when he was over working in HK.

Luckily with them being identical, I recognised him as we waited outside the photography studio. He’d wanted something snake-like as that was his star-sign animal, but due to time constraints I only had about an hour. He also had a new sword (katana?) he wanted to use, so I did a snake up his arm.

Snake arm bodypaint  framed bpc-1

It was painted with the 3 new metallic colours of Diamond FX paints which had arrived the day before, and was based on a royal python.

Snake arm lightsabre bpc-1

Steven, like his brother, amazed me by leaping about for an hour for photos, including mid-air splits and then sitting on the ground in the splits. Ouch. Wow.

Snake arm leap bpc-1

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