M Bar Opening Glitter Tattoos on Dancers

18th March 2010

Well after nearly a week of ‘just’ paint, back to glitter tatts – on pole/ aerial performers again!  Well, and painted their eyes as well. Not any of the girls I knew this time.

Mbar glitter body tatts lightning girls back face arm-1

Hard work as we crammed into a cubicle store-room/ office behind a bar, but we all did our best. I attacked whichever lady had a useful bit of flesh ready and was at a relatively ‘still’ stage of her dressing/ makeup.

2 were in red corsets for a pole performance, and wanted triba;/ grafiitti/ 80’s rock inspired stuff to match their costume & music. The other 2 were a snake and a leopard. I couldn’t get to the performances but heard they were fab.

Mbar glitter body tatts lightning girl back bpc-1

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