InMagazine Spring Flowers Shoot

May 2010

As arranged through a photographer I knew in HK, for INMagazine, a large glossy dual language publication, like Cosmopolitan.

Cat at work-166

3 models, 4 paints. 3 faces all on a theme of wind-blown spring – Sakura cherry blossom, dandelion clock/seeds, daisy, with a spring bluebell wood on a back.

Spring flower shoot painting woodlands arm me Spring flowers bluebell bck daisy frontSpring flowers bluebell bck daisy front

It was a spring shoot for INMagazine, a big dual language glossy like Cosmopolitan. The idea was that it would be called ‘Colours of the Wind’ with each model having 1 flower/ spring thing blowing over her face, and her hand being part of the design too.

cropped-spring-daisy-eye-crop-bpc.jpgSpring daisy all bpc

So, on the day I had a new small flat paint brush and a vague idea of a different way of doing petals for daisies. So, the makeupartist did the green base for the daisy model, I tried my new petal idea, the hairdresser got to work, and that was the 1st done.

Spring flower cherry sakura blossom hand up bpcSpring sakura side on crop bpcSpring sakura blossom crop mid bpc

Then over a pink base and using a micro-conical paintbrush I had recently found, I started the sakura (oriental cherry blossom) flowers next. Then over a blue base, dandelion clocks and seeds parachuting away.

Spring flowers dandelion bpcSpring flower dandelion bent bpcSpring dandelion fave crop bpc

Last minute was a quick back paint – I went for the gorgeous bluebell woods I used to walk in at home in Scotland and Suffolk every spring – the deep blue and lime green is stunning.

Spring bluebell wood back bpc

This became a 4 page article in the magazine folowed by a double page interview with me. I was also included at the beginning of the magazine as a contributor; what is odd is they didn’t mention I had been the UK champion, 5th in the World, etc, but listed all my 2nd & 3rd places…. lost in translation I think:)

I still don’t have a copy of the magazine…anyone keep them???

Spring flowers in Magazine pages

Loved this:)

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