HK Pole Dance Championships

I have painted and Glitter tattoo’d a lot of Pole Dancers in HK, either to pole dance or exhibit another dance form such as aerial silks, aerial hoop, acrobatics, etc. Its not like you often hear of in the USA and other countries, where its a sleezy men’s club thing; these ladies are true acrobats and some were professional athletes too,  and many compete internationally in dance.

So I was lucky enough to be asked to decorate my friend Symone for her entry, and Tessa, another lady I had glittered at the Cancer Charity Ball.


Tessa wanted a UV/ tribal look to go with the wild, african, acrobatic performance she planned. She ultimately won; and I was glad to see they remembered the UV lights for her performance. She looked amazing and is off to represent the EU in the World Championships!


Symone had spent hours sewing 100s of large diamontes etc onto a bra and knickers, so I designed a  splattering of shaded pastel glitter spots to match. She won the best costume award and looked amazing as usual!




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