Goth Necklace Glitter Tattoo Hoop Dancer Acrobat Burlesque Performer

April 2010

Symone of had a goth/ victorian black beaded choker she had worn at another event I decorated her for. I loved it and said I HAD to paint or glitter her to match it!

So we set up a shoot with photographer Boris Mak.

Goth necklace glitter body tatt i paint bpc

Sadly, the intricate dots (getting them more or less symmetrical, then shading each glue ‘dot’ with up to 4 monochrome glitters) took so long that I only had time to do a chest-to-knickers section of the design I planned. I also used a new sort of breast cover I had found which ended up matching her skin perfectly.

Goth necklace glitter body tatt close bpc

Symone, of course, had AMAZING props to match from her day job (performing/ teaching aerial arts, pole dance etc). Check the shoes!! AND the METAL mask. Wow.

She then did a few impressively ‘casual’ looking poses on her aerial hoop…

Goth necklace glitter body tatt hoop close bpc

Goth necklace glitter tatt hanging relax bpc

…before Boris arranged some beautiful shots.

Goth necklace glitter body tatt mirror sat back too bpc

Remind me of the ‘Roxanne’ section in Moulin Rouge or something, I think.

Goth necklace glitter tatt chair to mirror bpc

On a final note, its the LAST time I crouch/ straddle a model for several hours (I know Symone well, she didn’t mind!) to get symmetry on a torso – I couldn’t walk/ stand/ sit with ease for nearly a week! See, bodyart isn’t just a creative outlet its a fitness regime too!

Albert Yung of took a great video of most of the process. Symone looks like she’s chattering away insanely but all 3 of us were talking back, I promise!

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