Glittering Clubbing Girls in Norwich

5 young ladies I knew were up for a night out clubbing in Norwich, and asked me to glitter tattoo them…

Again, no sitter for Finley so he was ‘helping’ but luckily the girls soon had him singing along to Katie Perry and dancing!

Cat_240910_1154 glitter tatt cat works

No real theme; the 1st 2 were sort of cheetah/ tigery stripes;

Cat_240910_0994 glitter tatt leopard tum

… then a leafy jungle body,

Fri 24th glitter tatts leah tum bpc

Roses for Rosie (who did have a top to put on over the bra later before they hit the town!) and a rainbow.

Cat_240910_1120 blur

Looking forward to the pro pics/ any from the clubs!

Cat_240910_1217 Rose leaf rainbow club glitter

And just to make Finley blush when he’s grown up – him dancing with the girls.


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