Glitter tattoos for a Hen Night & Hunt Ball

October 2010

Another very sparkly weekend!
After a long day of painting Star Wars fans, I had a lovely bunch of ladies to decorate in Norwich who were on a hen weekend about to go eat in a yurt.

Tree branch glitter tattoo hen   Heathery neck glitter t bpc
They mainly chose faces to go with their costumes or favourite ideas, and then I did some glitter tatts including a rather blingy L plate.

Hen party glitter tatt group L point bpc

Then I changed into my own party dress (finally wearing the dress I had got for the Ridley wedding last weekend that I forgot to take TO the wedding!) and drove off into terrible rain to the Hunt Ball at Cromer Hall.

Red dress glitter tatt bpc

Which turned out to be in huge marquees across a very soggy parking field so I had mud squishing out of my toes.

And here I also got to glitter some of the gents! This was a crab for a fisherman (marine biology past life coming in useful) and later his farmer pal wanted a hare. Hmm, not my forte especially in gloppy glue from a tube, but it worked- and sparkled.

Feathery purp glitter tatt bpc

So it was mainly matching the patterns in the ladies’ dresses the rest of the night. AKA my favourite ‘Beautiful Nothings’.

Star necklace maggie glitter tattoo

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