FACE Conference Competition – Steampunk Princess of Atlantis

March 2010 –

I’m one of the few Advanced certificate members of FACE. Its an organisation started in the UK to raise standards etc in the face-art industry, and now has many international members too.

I like it for the fact it is often a way to get people thinking about speed, skill, hygiene, insurance etc and its also handy to point clients at when I am unable to paint for them. Members have to pass an entrance ‘test’, have proper PLI insurance (FACE gets a good deal on that) and are MOT’d annually. I write for their magazine too.

2 Cat at Fairy Ball pic closer 2 Cat at Fairy Ball pic

(Me coming top in the Fancy Dress Comp there in, um, 2006?)

And of course as well as regular ‘jams’ around the UK, FACE has an annual Conference with games, competitions, demo’s and a big fancy dress ball. I have only managed to get to one as I am always abroad! A few of the competitions you can enter by post; but I often forget to do that. Luckily this year they kindly emailed everyone a reminder, so I tried to get models & ideas sorted…one theme was ‘Myths & Legends’ and you were encouraged to make props to decorate the head of your face.

I arranged to paint a young model who’d contacted me wanting a body paint for her portfolio – I said she had to be at least 18 but I’d love to paint her face instead. Then she got ill and cancelled. Then my baby Fin got ill so I cancelled. Then I got ill and we moved the paint AGAIN to the day of the entry deadline (they said I could email!). I was trying to be different and do an alternative fairy face.

Cat Fin Fairy undereye side bpc

Generally the majority of the art is above the eyes; so this is what I came up with, painted and photographed in the cubicle that was her mum’s ‘beauty stall’ in a basement mall in Kowloon. But wow Kristy is pretty – think she’ll get modelling work OK!

I was walking through Jardine’s Market in HK a few days before and 1 stall had the strangest metallic beads, necklaces etc, got me thinking steam punk and cyborg, both of which I want to paint.(but  aren’t myths/ legends). I bought some, sewed them onto a cheap tiara and came up with a weird sort of tribal goth headdress. After deliberating I decided it belonged to a Princess (or Priestess) of Atlantis.

I went round to paint my lovely mate Pat. I had a vaguely Geiger idea in my head which totally did NOT happen but with the cyborg etc ideas became a definitely different take on a princess!

Cat Fin Princess of Atlantis sad bpc
And a few weeks later Glynn, the Chair of FACE, emailed to say I had won the Myths & Legends Comp!! I think its voted by members who attend the conference, which is so wow for me. As most of the artists I admire the most are in FACE and may have entered…. Bet she heard my squealing down the internet:) It seems I also won a lovely trophy & a voucher for a face/ makeup shop, which she’ll hand over when we meet up in Norfolk in May! Thanks so much FACE guys! Woohoo!

P.S. Got to love the way Pat’s differing expressions change the art every time:)

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