Butterfly Bling Rooftop Glitter Tattoo Acrobat

Feb 2010

Randomnly the fiancee of my brother-in-laws girlfriend (really nice couple, have met them a lot) emailed for advice on where to have his wedding suit made in HK – he was popping over for that, and to see his mum who visits HK for work. As Chris is a brilliant photographer,  and I’d been trying to arrange a shoot with him when I was in the UK (watch this space), I press-ganged him into one whilst he was here instead. A tour of all the interesting/ useful button & bits shops in Sham Shui Po in return for a glitter body shoot! www.chrisridley.co.uk

I wanted to try big swathes of body glue and glitter this time…

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt  - 7 blkbpc Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt - 5 - IMG_1965 bpc

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt - 1 blkbpc

As of course Chris had only a camera and no studio kit, we did a quick shoot in Symone’s dance studio,

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt - 15 bpc

… then bundled her up to the roof of her building. A typical overcast HK day; but due to the weird weather we have had this year, it was also cold and windy!

Symone - 37 - IMG_2251 2bpc

She was a trooper,  balancing on a chair in her warm boots and flinging off my hoodie to bare her butterflies so Chris could get the highrises of Sheung Wan as a backdrop!

Butterfly Bling glitter Body Tatt  - 39 - pic chrisridley.co.uk bpc


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