BIG Glitter Body Tattoos – Body Painting that BLINGS!

Dec 2009

Well this all began from an idea I had in November ’09, when I decided that the small freehand designs I occasionally offered (mainly at adult events) could and should be MUCH BIGGER.

And would be great for performers/ models on show for a long time as its waterproof and won’t smudge like paint does.
Symone body glitter tatt knelt

I met the lovely Symone of at a networking event in HK, who she said she’d love to be a guinea pig for me.  And she had her own dance studio, which we could use to paint and shoot in. I fixed a date with a photographer and off we went.

Painting with cosmetic glue IS harder than with paints; it gums up your brushes (and they seem to die quicker), it blobs and drips and is harder to correct. But as soon as I started brushing off the cosmetic glitters to reveal the coated designs underneath – whoooo! Symone and I were both grinning like idiots and loving the sparkle.

Symone body glitter tatt behind pole

I’m afraid the photos, amazing as they are, really can’t catch the shimmer, but there is a video below that shows some of it (though the colours aren’t true!). This was a vaguely peacock feather design for my test shoot.A new addiction – I mean form of bodyart – for me!

Symone body glitter tatt n cat smile

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