Wizard of OZ Mash-Up Bodypaint

I thought I’d missed the deadline for the UK Face & Body Convention Body comp (postal entry) but they extended it and as I finally have stopped face-painting EVERY day I wanted to try.

I only had a few spare days though, so luckily had a very kind friend (Kate) volunteer to model, and Mich to take photos. Then at short notice hubby (aka babysitter) went to sail a boat back from Germany, so I was baby-sitter less. Kate didn’t mind Finley being around, but I’m never doing a paint with him unaccompanied again. I locked him in the dining room with us and he proceeded to destroy it – toys and food everywhere – paying no attention to his books, music, even a dvd!

He finally settled down a bit when we ‘let’ him help the paint. Kate reckons it’s a free-form expression of the tornado that takes Dorothy to Oz!

Kates eye view of Fin over the rainbow paint 2 Kates eye view of Fin over the rainbow paintlook

So not an ideal situation; not much time and a distracting toddler around! Think we did it in 3 hours as Kate had to go to work (after a shower!).

Oz mashup torso IMG_9998.CR2 bpc Wiz of Oz mashp face n back tin man bpc

As said, thanks to Kate for lending her body for 3 hours, and Michelle Workman for the pics.

Note the beautiful free-form chaos of the below-knee work by 2 month old Finley:) So was supposed to be Dorothy (dress & hair), tin man/ lion (1/2face & arm each), Emerald City (front), wicked witch (stripey sock with her creepy shadow of nose and hands).

The black & white start of the film on the farm with the tornado (other leg) and the rainbow in the tutu.

Wiz of Oz mashup  kneel bpc Wiz of Oz mashup knelt close.CR2 bpc Wiz of Oz mashup Mac lick bpc

As you can see Mac, my MIL’s dog, decided to make a guest aappearance as Toto. 

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